What’s New and Improved in iOS 10 Beta 3

iOS 10 beta 3 is in the market a year earlier and let me tell you some awesome features this software is holding.

The third developer of beta iOS 10 is launched in the market by apple recently. This software was to be launched later after this year but it has been launched this year a bit sooner.
For improving the users experience, Apple continuously adds, tweaks and sometimes removes some aspects of the software. When we talk about beta so let me explain you that it’s no different but it has some new alternatives and features.
Beta 3 has some awesome new discoveries and in iOS 10 this third developer is adding some of the following new alternatives.

iOS 10 beta 3

What’s New in iOS 10 Beta 3

Now you probably are dying with curiosity to know whats new in iOS 10 beta 3 and let me tell you that there’s something new improved and perfectly designed to ensure the accessibility of the users. I really appreciate that iOS 10 beta 3 has now designed the software that is totally user friendly and let me tell you that Android users will no longer say that we are better after using iOS 10 Beta 3.

Improved Health App

A new activity option is added in health app which will help you to send Apple some anonymous data. This data will be focused on health related issues or aspects. This new feature can be availed in settings very easily in Diagnostics and Usage option.

Locking a Device

A small haptic viberation signaling in iPhone 6s and 6s plus will evoke when the device needs to be locked.

Siri and Apps

Another feature is reintroduced in 3rd developer beta that is Popping style keyboard sound.

iOS 10 beta 3 Siri

This feature was removed in 2nd developer but now in 3rd developer it is reintroduced.
Under the Siri’s settings Beta 3 users will find new APP SUPPORT option. By this option, users will know the type of app that will work with siri.

Quick Actions

Now you can share any app by simply hard tapping on it, and this will also include the application’s name. This quick action of share was not available in Beta 2.
Audio Feedback
You probably have noticed that while using iPhone/iPad’s speakers would always stop when there’s some kind of hap-tic feedback. Now the 3rd developer beta has fixed this issue for the users.

If you are not using iOS 10 Beta 3 yet then update your apple device and start using this user friendly software, so that android users will never claim their easy access over you.

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