Should you install the public beta of iOS 10?

Should you install the public beta of iOS 10?

iOS 10 beta was developed by Apple for their users but now the question arises is it better than previous versions or not. Whether to replace and install it or to use your previous version. iOS 10 is beneficial for the users of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. If you don’t have iPad pro or your device don’t have 3D touch then iOS beta 10 is not that much beneficial and different from previous versions.

Just a 3D touch:

Biggest difference between iOS 9 and iOS 10 is that doing different tasks without opening apps. For example you could call a car without launching Lyft, few apps will integrate with siri. Notifications are expanding which is allowing you 3D Touch to take action or get extra information. Widgets are modified in this version. After swiping from the home screen or the lock screen, widgets will be on the spotlight screen which were confined to the Notification center. Widgets will let you almost all the information without accessing or opening apps. For example next few hours weather forecast and your next appointment etc.

ios 3d touch


Maps are redesigned and modified for iOS by apple. These maps are very easy to use and good looking at the same time. Older version maps sometimes didn’t worked accurately and navigation didn’t ended after reaching to the desired locations. Maps are very easy to read and clear as well. Arrival time and miles can easily be seen and by swiping up for buttons you can easily find food and gas stations etc. During navigation you can pause spoken audio which is a very good option introduced. There are still some bugs which will be hopefully debugged by Apple soon.

iOS 10 Map

Bottom Line:

Updating iOS 10 on your daily use iPhone might be risky deal. Its better to update it on your iPad so that you can use new Messages app, news, redesigned photos and the new lock screen widgets. Even if you still want to try you should because you will enjoy. Its not a big deal.

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