How to Jailbreak iOS 9 Easily [Step-By-Step Guide]

Yes it is true, iOS 9 jailbreak is here and it works. I have confirmed it and we’ll show you how to use PanGu iOS 9 jailbreak tool. Right now I have my iPhone 6S in my hand and I am running iOS 9.0.1.

Today I will show you how to use PanGu tool to jailbreak iOS 9 on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on a computer running Microsoft Windows operating system.

Step-By-Step Guide to PanGu iOS 9 Jailbreak

  1. Before you do anything, First backup your device. That’s number one on the list of things to do, Backup your device.
  2. Second you have to go to Settings>>iCloud, to make sure “Find My iPhone” is turned off. For better sign out of iCloud completely.
  3. Go to settings and make sure both Touch ID and Passcode are disabled.
  4. Next go ahead and swipe up from the screen and Enable “Airplane mode” on your device.
  5. Once you do that, now it’s time to actually download the PanGu tool. You can find a download link here. This is Windows only, so you’ll will need a Windows machine.
  6. Run the tool, you’ll see this. Please connect your Device and Click <Start>
  7. Now go ahead and connect your iOS device with lightning cable.
  8. It will detect your device, Once it detects, Click Start button.
  9. The tool is gonna give you a list of things to follow. We’ve already follow those. We already backed up, hopefully you have backed up your device, as I stated earlier.
  10. Click “Already Backup”. Once you do that, you will see where it starts the jailbreak.PanGu iOS 9 Jailbreak
  11. So the jailbreak process has already started. If you notice your iOS device here, you are going to see the PanGu tool appear on the screen, with the WWDC app. Which is kind of interesting, as it is going through the jailbreak process, you’ll see it backing up and configuring the Environment.
  12. At 55%, your iOS Device will restart so be patient.PanGu iOS 9 Jailbreak
  13. Now it will say, “Please unlock the device and enable the airplane mode again”. So that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re going to enable airplane mode.
  14. Now it will continue doing its thing and jailbreaking is almost done.
  15. At 75% it will say, “Please unlock the device and launch the PanGu App”. Here we are simply gonna launch the pangu app and simply select the Accept button.
  16. Once you do so, it will go ahead and finish the jailbreak. Its gonna upload the jailbreak resources and the jailbreak will be complete really soon.PanGu iOS 9 Jailbreak Jailbreak complete
  17. Congratulations, the jailbreak process in complete and you’ll see Cydia app installed once the device finishes restarting.

Now you can disable aeroplane mode and download and install Cydia tweaks on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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