iOS11 Features – Free up space on iPhone , iPad

Even when Apple has reluctantly and gradually increased the available storage tiers in the iPhone but having low storage still remains a regularly occurring problem, people still trying to reduce the size of their photos, deleting apps and other bits of data to avoid encountering the feared “Cannot take photo” at a crucial time to snap a picture because of low storage.iOS11 has this ability.iphone-5s-ios-11

If you’re always running out of storage on your device, Apple with iOS11 introduced new storage freeing features to help with the problem. After all, with users uploading high resolution photos on their devices, Live photos, multitudes of videos and endless apps, this feature was much called for. The new features help increase your device storage without prompting you to delete any valuable data and give you a clear understanding of where the storage is being used up, and granular storage management controls including suggestions and options to choose from, about how to regain storage space.


Here are the features of iOS11 to help you free storage space on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. iOS11, in the Settings App, added a whole new section entirely dedicated to give suggestions and options to free space on your device. To access the section:

Go to Settings, choose General and then iPhone Storage.

Here you will find a complete list of apps that are installed on your phone with minute details about the app. Details including; when was the last time the app was launched, the amount of storage it take and by tapping on the app you will further find out how much space the app’s Documents and Data is taking. This helps you determine if you should consider deleting the app or keep it. Further in the app details you will find “Offload” and “Delete” options.

The Offload option is special, if you opt to Offload your app, your device will keep the apps’ Documents and Data, but temporarily get rid of the app, freeing storage. If you decide to install the app again, the Documents and Data will reinstate since it was already on the device.

  1. The iPhone Storage section also gives Suggestions and recommendations that help freeing device storage.

The suggestions include:

  1. Enabling iCloud Photo Library
  2. Offload Unused Apps
  3. Auto Delete Old Conversations
  4. Optimize Photos
  5. And reviewing large attachments that take up device storage and many more!

Each suggestion also shows the storage you’ll be able to free after you enable one of the above given options.

  1. Under Settings you’ll be able to find the iTunes and App Stores page where there is a toggle for “Offload Unused Apps” which automatically offloads your unused apps. Your Offloaded apps won’t be deleted since the Documents and Data still remain saved in your device, but this temporarily removes the apps that you haven’t used in a while to get free space. Installing the app again, the saved Documents and Data of the removed apps will be reinstated.


  1. iOS11 also includes a new format for your photos and videos called HEIF and HEVC formats, these are replacing the JPEG and H.264 image formats. These new formats enable the iOS to reduce file size of the images, leaving the image quality intact.

There are options to choose from where you can decide to apply the new formats or not, iOS will also automatically convert your photos to JPEG or H.264 if you’re trying to share your photos with other devices that do not support the new format.

All in all, the new iOS11 features have been intensely awaited. Now that they’re here, they are highly effective and have made freeing device storage much easier and reliable giving Apple users more control over their devices than ever before.

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