How To Stop iOS from Showing Email Previews on Lockscreen

All of you may know that aside from setting a lock screen and securing your phone. iOS tends to show your notifications in a readable way. So that you can read your notification of your iphone email lock screen preview. Now for some people, it is okay.But for most of the people like me. It may be annoying. As a phone in someone else’s hand may leads to privacy abuses. And serious security threats.So we must secure our iphone email lock screen.

The preview in the lockscreen also comes for new incoming received emails as well. It includes the name of the sender, title of the email, a few words from the email message.While this feature can be very handy and useful. It can spoil your important information and privacy. This make the people easier to spy and see your incoming messages even without unlocking your iPhone,iPad.iphone lockscreen email preview text hide

If this is what concerns you, then today i am going to tell you about a very useful simple little trick for iPhone email lock screen which can make your emails and messages more private. Don’t worry. This method works for ios 9, ios 10, ios 11 and its subversions. By doing this you can stop ios from previewing or showing your email texts on the lock screen. Just by changing a little setting of your iDevice.

Method to Secure iPhone Email Lock Screen Previews

In order to stop showing email preiviews on lockscreen. Just folow these simple steps. And you will be able to change the setting to get a notification of incoming email but to not show it on the lockscreen.iphone email lock screen

Follow these steps.

  1. Open the Settings application.
  2. Now go to Notifications option .
  3. From notifications. Scroll down and search for Mail option. Open it.
  4. Now here you will be shown a list of your mail apps. Select one.
  5. Now scroll down and tap on Show Previews.
  6. On old ios versions, there will be an option to turn it off or on. Like in the picture. But some will open a window showing Always,When Unlocked,Off. Select one.
  7. Done

You have successfully stopped ios 9/10/11 from showing email previews in your lockscreen.

Now your iPhone email lock screen is completely secure and private.

This is a nice little trick to secure your iPhone and it does not require any kind of third-party application or any jailbreak cydia stuff. Just some of your time and a little playing around with the settings.

If you have any problems, during the process. Be sure to tell me in the comments below.

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