Quick Fix To ”iPhone Is Disabled” Error

Almost all of the smart phone users have set passcodes or patterns on their devices, so that no one can disturb their privacy. Now when someone tries to open your phone and keeps on submitting different codes and patterns so the problem starts and your device gets disabled and “iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes” message appears on the screen. This problems occurs when you keep trying wrong passcode even when the device is warning and disabling your device for 1,5,15 and 60 minutes. If you will keep trying to open the device with a wrong combination the time of disabling goes higher and the point will reach where warnings will not be given and the only option left for unlocking your device is to connect it with iTunes and open.

The main cause of this problem are children. They pick anyone’s iPhone and everyone knows what happens after that. Now to unlock your device you have to connect it with iTunes and restore. If you have backup your data on your PC then you can easily recover but if you never created backup then you have to start from beginning and set up your iPhone as a new device.

How to remove iPhone is Disabled Error Using iCloud:

iCloud can easily solve your iPhone is disabled problem but the main thing is that it should be connect to internet and Find my iPhone option is enabled on your device before getting lock. Steps are as below

  • You have to open icloud.com/find and then simply log into your account.
  • On the top you will see an option of “All devices”, click on it and choose your device which is locked to erase.
  • Now you have to select option of Erase. By doing this your code will be removed but all of your data will also be vanished as well.
  • Code is now removed. If you have backup then restore it.

How to fix iPhone is Disabled with iTunes:

  • In the first step simply connect your iPhone to iTunes.
  • In case iTunes asks for a passcode then iPhone have to be switched to recovery mode.
  • After that iTunes will sync your iPhone and backup will be made.
  • Now restore your iPhone after syncing and backing up procedure.
  • After restoration tap on “Restore from iTune backup” and then connect it to PC.
  • Now select your device in iTunes and select recent backup for restoration.

Erase your device in recovery mode using iTunes

First of all keep this this thing in mind that by following the steps below your data will be completely erased.

  • Firstly connect iTune and your device using any computer.
  • After connecting them press home and sleep buttons at the same time and hold them until you see recovery mode screen. It will take few second.
  • Now after entering recovery mode select restore when iTune asks to choose between update or restore. Your device will be restored after iTune complete the downloading of latest iOS version
  • Steps are completed and now you can use your device.

Keep this thing in mind that the steps for iPod and iPad also remains same for unlocking. Just follow easy steps which are explained above and enjoy. If you still face any problem comment and you will be provided with the solution.


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