Latest iPhone Update for iOS

To check about the latest iphone update for iOS or jailbreak, you will get many outdated and old posts.That will not guide you but will misguide you. Today i will tell you the latest update for iOS as of this month.

Latest iPhone Update : iOS

Currently the latest version of iOS that iPhone is running is the iOS 10.3.2 version. Yes it is available OTA update via wifi and you can download and install it without loosing any data. IF you are on ios 10.3.1 , it is better to upgrade as it has many improvements.

Strange thing is that , apple is still signing ios 10.3.1 software. So if for some case, you dont like this latest update. You can always go back to the previous one.latest iphone update

Latest iPhone Update : iOS Beta

Coming over to the beta version. This is a software which only the developers of apple are allowed to use. This latest update for iPhone is always the first to come out before the original version. To give its users a sneak peak and a hint of what is to come and what they should expect. Also it is to check if there are any bugs and to report them in time for correction.

The latest beta version of apple which is rolling out is the iOS 11 beta version .The ios 11 beta 1 has just rolled out before a week ago to download . Only developers can get it OTA. Rest can wait for the official release.

How to Get Latest iPhone iOS Beta Update without a Developer Account or UDID ?

Well, we have a bypass for everything. Easily you can not fine an ipsw file for ios 11 beta version on the internet, you have to do a lot of searching. Well that is what we are here for. You just have to bear the burden of installing the Latest iPhone /iPad Update. 

So if you want to download and install iOS beta 11 version without being a developer .Then follow these steps below.This method not only works for iPhone but for iPad and iPod as well.

  • Go to this link and download your desired version for iPhone,iPad,iPod.

Download iOS 11 Beta for iPhone,iPad,iPod

  • Now download your desired iPSW depending upon your i Model.
  • Once it has downloaded.Download iTunes and install it .
  • Open itunes and connect your iDevice for updating iphone to the latest version beta.
  • Now Press shift on keyboard and while pressing click on update button on iTunes.
  • Remember to backup your data before this procedure as it will wipe up your entire phone.
  • Now select the ipsw and click on Ok. iTunes will start updating your iPhone or iPad.
  • Once it has done so, your iDevice will start with the latest iPhone Update without asking you to sign in to your developer account.

Congratulations, you have succesfully installed iOS 11 beta 1 on your iPhone,iPad,iPod without a developer account or having a UDID free of cost.

Play around a little bit , check out cool new features and yes. If you dont like it, you can always turn back to the old version.

Latest iPhone,iPad Updated : Jailbreak/Cydia

Now regarding Cydia and jailbreak for you iPhone, 7 and below/up models. There hasn’t been any. Yes on the internet you will find many methods as to jailbreak iphone ios 10.x.x etc or even ios 11. But to tell you honestly, i have tried them all. And they all are shit. There is not yet a working good jailbreak for iOS 10.3.1 and above as well as ios 11 till now. But jailbreak and cydia teams are working to provide us.

For those of you who don’t know what is jailbreak and cydia. Jailbreak is a process to install a third party appstore like application called Cydia. Cydia is a way to help you free your iPhone,iPad. It helps you to install custom apps, tweaks, customization tools. themes and free cracked apps and games, which previously you would not have been able to install. So basically it is like root for android or giving your iDevice android like features.

That’s it for now on the latest iphone update. Have I missed something. Don’t hesitate to tell the people in the comment section below.

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