Download and Install LinkStore for iOS 10 on iPhone & iPad

LinkStore for iOS 8, which is still the most popular and useful tweak to get the cracked AppStore apps for free whose worth may up to $10. So with the LinkStore app, you have no need to get more worried about paid applications.

There are now so many alternatives to Installous, by installing which, you will get extra applications on your Springboard and this not looks so cool. To get rid out from this issue LinkStore is the tweak and installing this tweak on their iOS device will give users an extra button in AppStore for installing any kind of apps for free of cost.


Download & Install LinkStore for iOS 9 & 10

Amazingly, LinkStore for iOS is now working without any kind of problems. It is the most downloaded tweak ever because it allow users to get any paid app for free.

Right after jailbreaking your iOS device, there are a lot of tweaks waiting for your response to be installed and LinkStore is one of that tweak which you really have to try after jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

How To Install LinkStore on iOS 10?

Right after jailbreaking your device, follow these steps to get LinkStore for iOS tweak on iDevice.

Follow the steps carefully and make sure to choose the correct LinkStore version for your compatible iOS device.

  1. Open Cydia which is present on your SpringBoard
  2. Go to Sources Tab
  3. Click edit from top right corner and then tap Add
  4. Add this one to your sources list :
  5. Headover to Search Tab
  6. Type “LinkStore”
    (It will show you the list of different versions, select your iOS compatible version)
  7. Tap Install on top right corner and confirm installation
  8. Wait for process and be patient till complete installation
  9. Restart your SpringBoard
  10. Enjoy installing any Paid Apps for free directly from your AppStore now

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