New Features Introduced In iOS 10

This new version which is iOS is probably one of the largest release by the Apple and will be launched this fall. It has a lot of new updates and features and the good thing is that this version will be free for the users of iOS. So we will share with you some of the new features of iOS 10 which were not available in iOS 9. Let’s have a look at new features below

Delete Stock Apps

A new feature is available in iOS 10 and that is stock apps which are installed before can be deleted now. Few basic apps cannot be deleted and those include App Store, Wallet, Health, Safari, Photos, Find iPhone, Phone and Activity. You can see the pic, these apps can be deleted.iosInteresting thing is that these apps are not permanently deleted. When you delete these stock apps they are just hidden from the display. You can bring these back any time by opening the App Store and then tap on download after searching the app which you want to bring back. After this the app will be back on the display.

Bedtime Alarm

A new feature is added in the clock and that is called Bedtime Alarm. This all new feature is introduced to keep the users healthy. It will help you to sleep and then wake at the same time every day. It will ask few questions when you launch the app for the first time and then it will remind you when it’s the bed time.ios 10

Clear All Notifications

This addition is not a very big addition but still its important to share it with you guys. Now you can clear all the notifications. Notification which are in notification centre can easily be cleared. So to clear them go to the Notification Centre, then press X and then ‘Clear All Notification’.ios 10

Handwrite Messages

A very cool feature is introduced which is called Handwrite Messages. You can now write a message by handwriting. Using this feature is pretty easy. Open messages and turn your iPhone sideways. Then on the lower right corner you can see a handwriting button, simply tap on it. After writing this handwritten message send it to your friend.ios 10

Parking Location

This feature remembers the location of your car when you park it and then when you come back it will tell you the exact location of it. Small but helpful feature.ios 10

Raise to Wake

It’s a very great addition to the iOS 10. What this tweak does is that it automatically wakes up your iDevice when you pick it up. This helps in checking notifications and new widget.ios 10

So these are some of the best features which are added to improve experience of users. There are many more features which will be shared with you guys in the coming week.

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