Easily Differentiate Between Fake And Original Apple EarPods

Okay. You are here because you must be wondering that the EarPods you are going to buy for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (or may be planned to gift one to your friend) is really an original Apple EarPods? Or they are made by a third party manufacturer and probably a fake EarPods?

Don’t you worry as we are here to help you out and take away all of your stress just to make sure that your EarPods shopping experience remains delightful and headache free. ?

Fake And Genuine Apple EarPods


9 Ways To Differentiate Between Fake And Original Apple EarPods

Mentioned below are the nine (09) ways using which you can differentiate between the fake EarPods and the original Apple EarPods at the time of your purchase.

#01 – Price

The first thing you are going to notice when purchasing an EarPods for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is the price.

Original Apple EarPods are obviously costlier than the ones manufactured by third party.

#02 – The Casing/Box

The moment you open the packaging of your EarPods, flip over the plastic casing and look for the Apple logo carved on the backside of the casing.

Genuine EarPods casing have the Apple logo whereas the fake EarPods casing don’t have any logo whatsoever.

Furthermore, the quality of the genuine plastic EarPods casing/box should be made from high quality plastic and should have a smooth finishing.

If you observe any clue of uneven or rough casing surface then rest assured that the EarPods are made by third party.

#03 – EarPods Colour

This should be the easiest of all other methods to differentiate the genuine EarPods from the fake ones.

While shopping for your Apple EarPods, you are going to come across a wide range of EarPods in different colours.

However, you have to keep in mind that the original Apple EarPods are available in white colour only.

#04 – Build Quality

Original EarPods, if you look very closely and pay a close attention to the construction of the in-ear piece, are magnificently made in two parts and joint together smoothly without any excess plastic or roughness.

Fake And Genuine Apple EarPods

As compared to the fake EarPods that are made with three parts and you will notice that all three pieces are roughly joint together.

Moreover, the fake ones will give you a feel of cheap and economical plastic and will have a light weight. However, the genuine ones will feel sturdier, well made, and slightly heavier (due to a premium build quality).

#05 – Ear Fitting

If you have got the both, fake EarPods and the genuine EarPods, then I would recommend you to try to wear the EarPods and check the fitting.

Fake And Genuine Apple EarPods

The genuine Apple EarPods provide you with the best fitting, should fit neatly in your ear cavity, and should not pop out on its own.

#06 – Remote Control or Volume Control +/- Imprint Colour

You will only be able to figure this one out if you have both, the original EarPods as well as the fake EarPods, with you because this one is pretty much hard to differentiate.

Fake And Genuine Apple EarPods - Remote Control + Mic

The colour of the volume +/- buttons on the genuine Apple certified EarPods remote control should be dim-greyish. However if you notice that the colour is little bit on a darker side then probably it is a fake EarPod.

#07 – Trademark Text Imprint On The Wire

If you check the wires of your EarPods thoroughly, specifically in the middle of audio jack and the remote control, you will notice at some point that there is a trademark text imprint on the wire, which read something similar to, “Designed by Apple in California”.

If you could not be able to find any trademark text imprint on your EarPods then you have a fake or third party EarPods.

#08 – Sound Quality

The Apple’s EarPods is designed in such a way that it provides you with the best listening experience using its very own earphone design.

The new design ensures that you get the deeper lows and crispier highs while listening to the music.

Fake And Genuine Apple EarPods

On the other hand, if you experience less quality or anything less than that then you should know that you have fake ones.

#09 – Microphone Quality

Apart from all the other easy-to-notice points, this one is slightly hard to figure out and usually people don’t even pay attention to it while checking/inspecting their EarPods.

But here at MobilesWire.com, we go an extra mile to make sure that you get the original EarPods for your hard earned money.

So we want you to connect your EarPods to your iPhone, call your friend, and ask them if they are able to hear your voice loud and clear and without any disturbance or unwanted noise.


That is all you need to take care of while purchasing a brand new EarPods for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from any accessory shop or an unofficial Apple store.

If the methods mentioned in the above section helped you in differentiating, or facilitated you in picking up the genuine Apple EarPods over the fake ones then please do let us know in the comments below. ?