Pokemon Go Root Detection Bypass on Android – No Pokepatch

Pokemon Go, the game that has made people crazy all over the world. Every is busy catching the pokemons on streets, backyards, gardens, roads. But when you have a rooted Android phone and suddenly someone tells you or you read somewhere that it doesn’t run on rooted Android phone. This is the part where only you know what is the pain of not having the best Game available right now. But don’t worry folks. I will show you the way to install Pokemon Go Root Detection Bypass on Android with No pokepatch.

Just like pokemon go does not work on jailbroken devices, it also doesn’t work on rooted android phones. On iPhone there are cydia tweaks named Pokepatch and Masterball but on android there isn’t any. A lot of people are searching for pokepatch for android but it is not available for android. I will show another easy way to bypass Pokemon Go root detection in just 5 minutes.

Pokemon go root no pokepatch

Pokemon Go Root Bypass on Android – No PokePatch

So, every one with rooted android phone who wants to know to how to install Pokemon Go with root can follow the below easy guide. It is just a 4 steps process and would tool you only a moment.

All you need to do is install an app from Google plat store that will hide the root access on from your phone and thus running the game. But for this tweak to work, first you will need to install Pokemon Go. And you can only this game if it is released for your region as pokemon go is not available in all regions. If it is not released in your country then you can fake pokemon go location.

So, enough of the talk guys. Now let’s come to the real point. To bypass pokemon go root detection on android without pokepatch, follow the below steps carefully.

Install Pokemon Go Root Bypass without Pokepatch on Android

This is the real part. Now you are about to make your dream for playing pokemon come true. Now let us start the procedure.


  • First download and install Pokemon Go from Google Play Store.


Hide Su Binary


  • After that open the Hide My Root app. In the app enable the option Hide Su Binary. Tap on the Ok button.


  • Minimize the app now. Go to apps drawer and launch Pokemon Go. It will now work on your rooted phone. Enjoy. All Done

Thats is it. How simple it is. You have successfully bypassed Pokemon Go Root detection without Pokepatch tweak. If you have any problem, leave a comment below. For now please share it and subscribe, Thanks.


  • The hide my root app says that my su binary is not found

  • doesont work on my rooted s4 with google play rom 🙁 cant be faffing with magisk either..

  • Doesnt work at my Asus fonepad 8. Still can’t login.

    Magisk didnt work either.

  • Didn’t work on my galaxy s4 either

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