Install Pokemon GO Jailbreak Detection Bypass (PokePatch)

Pokemon which is very famous game is recently released for both iOS and Android users by the name “Pokemon Go” and it is developed by Niantic Inc, who also developed popular app named Ingress. This app didn’t took long to be rated very high and ranked in the list of top downloads by both iOS and android users. As it is in the list of top downloads so you can imagine how awesome this game is but the problem arises for iOS jailbroken devices. Pokemon GO cant be downloaded and played on jailbroken devices.

Gta san andreas apk is another great game like pokemon go for android phones.

Therefore to help users of jailbroken devices, we wrote this article so that they can also play this game and enjoy. We will bypass this jailbreak detection test using PokePatch tweak. If you are also user of jailbroken iOS device then your problem will be solved by the end of this article. You just have to follow my steps in order to bypass this test. Apart from pokepatch there is another tweak called Masterball that can be used to bypass jailbreak in Pokemon Go.

Install Pokemon Go Root Bypass On Android without Pokepatch

pokemon go jailbreak

Bypass Pokemon GO jailbreak with another cydia tweak Masterball

As you may know that Pokemon Go is not available in all countries. You can only install pokemon go if it is available in your country. So, this tweak will work only if  you have installed pokemon Go on your device. If Pokemon Go isn’t released in your region then head over to below guide to fake pokemon go location.

How to Fake Pokemon Go Location on iOS or Android

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Download ad Install Pokemon GO Jailbreak Detection Using PokePatch

Pokemon Patch is a custom tweak which is available on Cydia. It was developed after this game. It is very useful. You just have to download this PokePatch and your Pokemon GO will start running on your device. Follow these easy steps to download this PokePatch:

  • 1. First step is really simple. Open Cydia on your device and install Pokemon GO.
  • 2. In this step you have to add Ryley’s Repo. To add it you have to open sources tab in Cydia. Then tap on edit option. Now tap on ‘Add’ button.
  • 3. Add repo which is given Now wait few seconds so that Cydia sources are refreshed.
  • 4.Now you have to find PokePatch package which you will find in repository after adding repo.
  • 5. Once you find that package simply install it.

Now this process is almost completed. You just have to reboot your device once before running Pokemon GO. After rebooting run this app and hopefully it will now work on your jailbroken device.



  • Hi, I have a big issue with this tweak, I can’t uninstall it I just can modify then install or downgrade. Please help me I’m stuck and can’t play Pokémon go anymore :s

  • Merci beaucoup pour votre réponse et sympathique et agréable à vivre avec son mari et de la viande de porc aux alentours du temps

  • just restore your iphone and you´ll play pokenerds again

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