Easily Record Screen with iOS 11 on iPhone & iPad – 2017

With the increasing needs and demands of user, Apple has shown advancement by adding many features. This thing is being proved with iOS 11. Screen Recording feature in iOS 11 is one of those features, which are clearly helping the users and making their lives easy.  Now recording screen with or without microphone, is being made easy by iOS 11 which presents a built-in screen recording option. Before that, users were inconvenient because rather they had to use Quick Time on Mac to record the  screen of their iPhone or iPad or other methods.screen recording ios 11

Method to use iOS 11’s Screen Recording feature

This article presents the method to use iOS 11’s Screen Recording feature, which will surely help you understand that how to record your iPhone or iPad’s screen by using this feature. The steps along with visual assistance is given here.

Steps :

  1. First of all go to Settings >Control Centre >  Screen Record button.
  2. Slide up from the bottom of the screen to open the controll center. Now as it is open you’ll get the Screen Record Button, Force tap it or Press it for long. (This can be also be done by single tap/touch).
  3.  An option will appear on your screen. Behind this option, you will see ‘Microphone Audio‘ button. Before tapping ‘Start Recording’ make sure you have set the right mode for ‘Microphone Audio‘.If the button appears red, It means that microphone audio will be recorded else not. If you want to stop the microphone recording, tap on the same button.
  4.  As the Screen Recording will start, you see a blue bar showing ‘Recording’ at the top of your screen. Along with it the duration of recording will also be appearing, which will let you know for how long you have recorded.
  5. Now if you want to stop recording, tap the blue bar.

As you will stop recording, Screen Recording Video will be saved to your iPhone or iPad’s Photos App. There you can edit it, share it or delete it, as per your demand.

This is a very handy feature to use. This will give you a function of iphone screen recorder free version. As it is a built in apple iphone,ipad screen recorder app without jailbreak or cydia. So you can easily make a video of your idevice and save it on your photo album. Also if you want to record ipad/iphone screen without a computer. Then this is the apple’s official way to do so.

Simply, just bring up the control center. Tap recording and start making a video of your screen. If you want to stop recording. Just tap on the same button and its over.

So, here you go. Now you can easily use iOS 11’s Screen Recording feature on your iPhone or iPad by above mentioned method and record whatever you like.Hopefully this feature will entertain you.Use it and let us know in comments!

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