Today i am going to tell you How  To Recover  Deleted Files. If you have accidentally deleted those application that you dont wanted to delete or you have given your iphone to your children and when you take it back from them  all the data and apps are deleted or due to some other situation you have lost all of your data including those Application that have you have purchased and you dont know what to do.

Don’t worry  i am going to tell you the way from which you will get all of your application back on your iphone and you don’t have to pay again if you will previously paid for them.

you should have to thank  iCloud which has made restoring the deleted application possible.

How To Recover  Deleted Files By Searching Name.

 1st Method.

follow these steps which will guide you throughout the entire process.

Step 1.

Unlock your iphone and then Open the App Store application and use Search Box to Search for that App which will deleted accidentally.For Example(search for HayDay game if you have Deleted it accidentally and want it back).

How To Recover Deleted Files

Step 2.

Now you would have to find or locate that application which you want back and if once you have find it than Tap on it.

Step 3.

once you have open the application which will deleted accidentally  and you want to restore it. Now you would see a small  icon of (Cloud Download ) just in front of that application Name.

Step 4.

click on the icon (Cloud Download).After clicking the downloading will start and with the completion of downloading you will get your application back.

2nd Method.

Following are the steps those are important for How  To Recover  Deleted Files.


Step 1.

unlock your iphone. Open the App Store.How To Recover Deleted Files

Step 2.

Now click on Updates which  will be on the Bottom Right Corner of the screen.

How To Restore The Apps You Have Deleted Accidentally

Step 3.

click on Purchased then Purchased List will open.

How To Recover Deleted Files

Step 4.

Tap on the option Not on this iphone from the Top  of the screen this option will be available on the Menu

How To Recover Deleted Files

Step 5.

Now you will the list of those Applications that you have Purchased  before.Find out the application which will deleted accidentally and you want to restore it. once you have found Tap on the icon Cloud Download to restore the apps.

by following these steps you are able to   “Recover  Deleted Files ”

Important Note. 

While reinstalling the application on iPad you will only need to go to Updates but if you are using iphone instead of ipad you will have to go to the Purchase List  to reinstall the deleted applications.This is only due to the difference in the screen of both iDevices.In ipad the things are looking different due to bigger screen as compared to iphone.But important thing is that the procedure is same while you are using anyone of the  iDevice.

remember one thing in your mind that the application which will deleted accidentally and while installing if for the first time if you purchased it  and now you have re downloading it you won’t be asked to pay its price but you must be using the same Apple Id which you have used previously when you have purchased that app.


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