How to “Reduce White Point” in iOS 10

Accessibility and easily available, which has been major thing to help the two differently disable people, there are more than many features of iOS 10. There is a Magnifier that is available feature of iOS which allows you to magnify any thing on your iPhone with the help of camera in order to see minor details of any thing comfortably. Not like before, you can also filter colors to make things viewing the screen of your iOS device more convenient.

While digging very deep into the Accessibility, I have also discovered yet a very amazing new feature that allows you to reduce the intensity of bright colors on your iOS device. It can also be very helpful for those who want to have difficulty while looking at the bright colors.


It is very  different from reducing the bright screen of your iOS device. When you set the brightness lower, the screen will become darker. But when you start to decrease the white point, then you will see that the screen turns bright.

How to Reduce Intensity of Bright Colors Using “Reduce White Point” in iOS 10 on iPhone

Step 1.

Go to the Settings app on your iOS device and then Tap on General.

Step 2.

Now, tap on theAccessibility.

Step 3

Select Display Accommodations.

Step 4.

Now Toggle to the switch which is located next to the option of Reduce White Point.

Enable Reduce White Point on iPhone

Step 5.

That’s all it now Finally, you have succeeded to adjust the intensity of your iOS device to the bright colors by simply swiping the button to the right or left.

That’s all it! Now, you will see that the screen of your iOS device will be turned pale  and will make it a lot easier for your eyes and eyesight.

Accessibility has always won many of the accolades for being an amazing asset for the users. It’s always a very great to see, all these new amazing features which will have suddenly changed and upgraded its functionality. Hopefully, Apple will continue to make this type of highly inovative features more user-friendly for sure.

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