Remove Email Signature ‘SENT FROM MY iPHONE’ in Mail App on iPhone

Among the best features of iOS, stock Mail App is the one. It is easily accessible and time saving .You can read, receive and send emails directly at your iPhone. And you will not need to log in using some browser or computer.

But while using this app, one thing is noticeable. When you compose mail,an Email Signature is added at the bottom of every email as ‘Sent from my iPhone’. Some of the users don’t appreciate this thing. And somehow find it a bit irritating, if they manually need to change this signature or remove it from every email, they send.

So if you are one of them and seeking the assistance regarding the change. Here is a simple procedure to remove or disable this signature. After then you will not need to remove it everytime you send a mail.ios


Method to remove or change the Email Signature ‘Sent from my iPhone’ 

Here is a simple method to remove the Email signature ‘Sent from my iPhone being added every time you send an email. Apart from it you can also change it as per your desire. It will take just a few steps.

  1. Go to the Settings and Tap it.
  2. Scroll down a bit and tap the Mail icon.
  3. After getting it opened, open the Compose Mail section.
  4. In this section, go to Signature and Tap it.
  5. Press the signature text which will be appearing as ‘Sent from my iPhone’ and clear it using iOS keypad.

Now this signature will no longer appear in your email composing section. It is being removed. And now onwards, whenever you compose an email, You need not to bother about it.

Apart from this if you are interested in changing the email signature instead of removing it. You can do that simply as well.

Changing Email Signature and Adding the desired one

Use the above mentioned method but in Step 5 , clear the signature and change or add it as you like. After that the same signature will be added to your email,you send. And you don’t need to add your desired signature when you will be composing email,next time.

Look how simple it is to change the signature or add the desired signature on this Mail App using iOS along with an ease in sending,receiving or reading the mail, Now you can get rid of this ‘Sent from my iPhone’ signature just by going to Settings> Mail >Compose Mail>Signature (Change or Remove it using your iPhone’s keyboard).

Hopefully this article will help you. Do follow the steps and let us know in comments!

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