How to Remove iPhone is Disabled Screen

By putting a wrong passcode for multiple times on your  iOS device that can be probably iPhone/ iPad. Isn’t this a fun way to mess around anymore. And you want to make more wrong calls on your iPhone or iPad? It’s rather more of a serious issue now. Beacues we all know that by doing so we can disable our phone.

If you’re a victim, and you know that iPhone can be disabled, then let me tell you a very interesting fact that your iPhone can get disabled for more than 20 years.

I know don’t believe me? But here take a look by yourself in the picture below.…


This shit happens not for 1 hour or 2 hours but this really happens for 25 years.

As for you the most important thing to reconsider is that who can mess around with your iPhone lock screen. It’s critical to double check and make sure you don’t enable the Erase Data if not necessary.

But let me tell you a method that how to prevent you iPhone from being disable. You really don’t want your iPhone to disabled for 25 years then you must follow this quick guide.

How to Remove iPhone is Disabled Screen

This method I am going to show you doesn’t even need turning off passcode or Touch ID. No Passcode LockOut is a free jailbreak tweak. This tweak allows you to put as many wrong passcodes as you want and I assure you that your iPhone won’t disable for 1 minute.


Go to the Cydia and wait for some time to reload its sources and packages.


As loading is done, now switch for the search option. (Go to Search)


Now you have to type “No Passcode LockOut” in search.


Install this amazing Jailbreak Tweak and prevent your iPhone from being disabled forever.

Remember that this tweak is developed by Alltim3h4cker and it is also compatible for iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9 as well. As upon installing one more thing you have to do that is to enable the tweak from the settings.

In case of any issue feel free to comment in the box below 😉


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