Best Safari Downloader for iOS 11/10, iOS 9 (2018)

iOS comes equipped with one of the greatest browser called Safari. But everything great has something non great. And for safari is the ability to download stuff from the internet. iOS as I mentioned many times previously is very strict .And it does not allow downloading random stuff from the internet. Not even important pdf, audio,songs,videos etc. You can not download anything in safari in ios 11/10, or ios 8 or ios 9 on your iPhone or iPad.

This is where jailbreak and cydia comes in. Cydia gives you the ability to dominate iOS and customize it in any way you like. With a custom cydia tweak for safari browser. You can make your simple browser into a safari downloader on iPhone,iPad. Normally, when you try to download anything you get the error “safari cannot download this file“. You can fix this error using this method.

The method I am going to show you involves an ios app,tweak which is a kind of safari download enabler ios8 and ios7 for your iPhone and iPad. You will get safari download manager free of cost and you will be able to download any file while browsing. You will get an extra downloads tab and space to see your downloaded stuff.

Safari Downloader Cydia Tweak : Free Great Safari Download Manager

Today, you will get safari downloader on your iPhone or iPad having ios 7 or ios 8 or ios 9. It does not matter. The main part is that you can download random stuff right on your stock iOS browser. This is compatible with ios 7,8,8.1.1,8.1.2,8.1.3,8.2,8.3,10,11,11.2.5 .

First, you will have to jailbreak your iDevice in order to download this cydia tweak for safari and install it. So do that. If you want my guide then click to jailbreak iOS 8 using Taig tool.

There Are 2 plugins I want to explain here.

1. Safari Downloader +

Safari downloader + is the solution to all your needs. This is a great cydia tweak for your iOS browser and adds many functionalities and features to it. The best part, it is fully compatible up to ios 8.1.2 – ios 9, ios 11. Although it has stopped support for ios 6 and below. But since majority of the users are on updated firmwares. This is a pretty awesome tweak. Link.

You get file manager, file importer, download manager, video download manager with Safari Downloader Plus


The requirements are easy to meet. All it requires is a jailbreak iPhone ,iPad. Cydia and iOS7 or above. The rest it does for itself. If you want detailed compatibility data. Then look at this picture.

Download Manager Features for iOS

There are many features that come with this nifty sweet cydia tweak. You get all amazing features that you ever wished for. It supports almost every file type. Has a video downloader functionality and file manager. The detailed features are

How To Get It Free

If you want to get safari downloader+ free from cydia then all you have to do is add the repository. This safari extension is paid onbigboss repo but free oninsanelyi.

2. Safari Downloader Enabler

The second great addition to our list. With its recent update to support up to ios 11. This is a pretty great downloader tweak for iPhone and iPad.

This is for those users who don’t want more but just some basic download options. The ability to only download stuff and don’t do much with it. Although this is less in features compared with the 1st one but it is also another great app to try. Since it will cost you nothing.

There is not much to tell here. After you download. Just head over to your safari-browser and open something you want to download. Long press the download link and select download. It will start downloading the file.

Over and all, finally I would like to say that if you are an android user coming to iOS then this feature could be really annoying. I would recommend you to try out both the tweaks to see what helps you the most.

If you are having any problems or if you have a question, leave a comment. Don’t forget to share it with your friends on Google+, Twitter and Facebook. ?

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