How to Share Your Mac Screen Using Message App

You probably have already faced this issue when one of your friends or family needs your assistance using their Apple Mac. More, you won’t be there in person to provide your help. Let me tell you that Mac’s Message app is one you need; it has a feature that allow screen sharing easily. This is the only way you can provide your smart assistance to anyone in need.

OS X Mavericks: Messages Everywhere

The process is very simple and it does not need any of other application. You will just need to follow steps mentioned below and you will start screen sharing within couple of minutes.

How to Share Your Mac Screen Using Messages App

Follow the steps given below and you will be able to share your mac screen using Messages app.

Step 1.

In the Beginning , launch the Message app on your Mac.

Step 2.

Now choose the contact with whom you want to share your screen.

Step 3.

At the very top, within the menu-bar, select “Buddies.”

 Step 4.

below that, select “Invite to Share my screen.” This will now send a request to the other user, By which he/she will accept to access your Mac screen.

Step 5.

Now if you wish to access the Mac screen of your friend, then rather than clicking on the invite option, select “Ask to Share Screen.” This will now send a request to your friend and he/she needs to accept it.

That’s all it; whenever your buddy or family accepts your request, you will always have Screen Sharing started. One thing to be noticed here is that few times Screen Sharing does not work in the very first attempt. In that case if it doesn’t works, cancel the request now and follow all the steps from beginning again to resend the request. This time, it should work perfectly for sure.

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