How to Skip iOS 9.3.5 and Just Upgrade to iOS 10

Skip iOS 9.3.5 

This article is of How to Skip iOS 9.3.5 and Just Upgrade to iOS 10. Couple of days back Apple stepped forward to remove “Trident Vulnerabilites” and in order to remove it they released an emergency fix. This dangerous beast exposed our iOS devices through multiple vulnerabilities. Once accessed, these sensitive areas of iOS acted as an opportunity to remotely jailbreak an iOS device through a program called ‘Pegasus.

It is developed by Israeli Cyberwarfare firm named NSO Group. This dangerous Pegasus Vulnerability can easily affect devices which have iOS 9.3.4 and older versions. Its been out for a month and many iPad and iPhones are infected because of this. So to avoid all the problems and first upgrading to iOS 9.3.5 and then later upgrading to iOS 10 we have a easy way for you. And that is to skip iOS 9.3.5 and just upgrade to iOS 10. Lets start the process and see how to do it

Make A Backup

We are making a backup so that you can easily shift to old version of iOS because iOS 10 is still in beta which means there might be problems. Follow the steps discussed below to make a backup

  • First of all connect your iDevice with PC and open iTunes
  • In the Menu bar click on the type of device you are using
  • Set your backup to This Computer
  • Then simply click on Back Up Now option and add a password incase you are encrypting
  • Now Backup Apps
  • Then from the menu bar click on iTunes and simply select Preferences option
  • Then find the option of Devices and click on it
  • In the last step Option-click on your Backup and choose the Archive option

Register for the iOS 10 public beta

Now you have to register to be beta testers It’s a very good thing for us that Apple accepts anyone into the program. So for doing it again follow the simple steps

  • From the device which are planning to upgrade, open
  • Then simply signup (Sign-in if you already have account here)
  • Read the terms and condition and then accept them to proceed

How to install the iOS 10 public beta

Now we have to simply install our new version. Its very simple and easy. Follow the steps

  • Open your device settings
  • Then open Software Update which can be found from General
  • Now you have to enter the passcode here
  • Then you have to accept the terms and Conditions by tapping on Agree
  • Now once again tap on Agree to download and install iOS 10 Public Beta

So these were some simple steps to Skip iOS 9.3.5 and Just Upgrade to iOS 10. If you face any problem then comment in the comment section

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