Bypass Super Mario Run Jailbreak Detection bypass & Fix Crash

Here is how you can get Super Mario Run Jailbreak Detection bypass.

Finally, after a long wait Nintendo had released Super Mario Run on the App Store only. It is from one of the oldest game we have been playing on our emulators. Now this time, it has been improved with new graphics and some new story. The best thing Nintendo team have made in this game is that of one hand playing. Yes, you can play Super Mario Run on your device only using your one hand.

Like that of Pokémon GO, Nintendo team has implemented the Jailbreak detection. I am trying to say that Pokémon GO and Super Mario Run both have some same coding which do not allow Jailbroken iOS devices to play this game. If you have a Jailbroken iOS device, you may have seen the game crashing every time when you are trying to play it. It is because of that Super Mario Run Jailbreak detection.

If you are one who is facing Super Mario Run crash and looking for a fix for this then you are the right place. Don’t worry, in this tutorial I am sharing the easiest way for Super Mario Run Jailbreak detection bypass. Even, you can try this method if you want to Fix Super Mario Run Crash. Follow the given steps same like of me and you will be done.

How to Get Super Mario Run Jailbreak Detection Bypass

In order to apply Super Mario Run Jailbreak detection bypass, you have to install on of the Cydia tweak on your Jailbroken device. Follow me here,

  1. Open Cydia on your device.
  2. Look in to the Search Tab for tsProtector (iOS 8 and 9).
  3. Install this tweak on your device by purchasing it officially.
  4. Respiring your device after installation.
  5. Now, navigate to Settings > tsProtector > Enable this tweak.
  6. After Enabling, into blacklisted list Turn this tweak on for Super Mario Run.
  7. Go Back to Home Screen on your device and Open Super Mario Run.
  8. Enjoy!

I hope guys you have found this article very useful. Please leave a comment if this method works for you or not. Don’t forget to share it because sharing is caring.

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