Top 3 Installous Alternatives that are the Best

Before installous alternatives you should know that Installous has been the heart of many jailbreak ios users. Sadly few years ago installous , has to be shut down due to hosting and other issues and users including me have not seen installous since now, I dont know whether installous is goint to comeback or not but i do know that its time to movie on, there are many other installouses out there a.k.a installolus alternatives that gets the job done for you, better than installous and good than installous. Im going to tell you among them the top 3 installous alternatives of all time.These support ios 8, ios 8.1, ios 8.1.2 ,above and below ios 8 and with their updates,they are now capable to run on iphone and ipad ,ipod touches. These three are the top #1 ,i mean #3 alternatives to installous of All Time.If you were an installous lover like me, you will surely love these 3 alternatives to installous.

Top three InstallOus Alternatives

So here goes my list of the top 3 Installous alternatives for ios 8 and below that you should really try on your iphone,ipad and ipod.

1. Appcake

So far after installous, appcake was the best friend to hold ios and cydia. Appcake is by far the best installous alternative and the best cydia cracked free apps provider. It’s provider is iPhoneCake. Now, i have already discussed and reviewed Appcake on how to install appcake and how to install appcake and what are its features.

2. Zeusmos

Zeusmos is another great recommended installous alternative that you should really give a try to. Zeusmos with all its features and loads of free cracked apps comes after Appcake on the second spot. I have used zeusmos and its pretty much like installous. It supports ios 8 and below. The Official Website is

3. Vshare

Vshare scores the third spot on our list for the top 3 installous alternatives. Actually vhsare is very close to installous and its features. I could really not tell the difference between the zeusmos UI and the installous UI . Installous and vshare are pretty much alike.Vshare has loads of free cracked apps and stuff.They also have an online Vshare Market . All the free apps are hosted on free file hosting servers and from there downloading is processed just like installous.

If you cannot install any apps from these 3 cracked alternatives then try this short fix.

So thats about it for the whole top 3 installous alternatives list.I currently use Appcake as my #1 app provider before appstore. I could not find better than this. Currently i have Appcake installed on my iphone 4s but i have used all 3 of the above and all are the best. You can also install cracked apps via your pc using PandaApp website. But that does not really fall in the category of installous.So i guess you guys now have an idea on which alternatives you should be using on your ios 7, ios 8 device. Installous is gone and is never coming back. We should get on with it and look for new oppurtunities like these above 3 installous alternatives.


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