Its been over two months now since apple released its new OS’s iOS 8 and iOS 8.1, with the new release of ios 8.1 and the development of ios 8.2. Shortly after the release of ios 8 its jailbreak was released but the Pangu team and all the, well mostly all the cydia tweaks were patched to support the new OS of apple, ios 8 and ios 8.1 basically and ios 8.x.x version.

Since then people have been looking for tweaks for ios 8 or best ios 8 cydia tweaks. Well in this short article im going to break down a short list of the best cydia tweaks that you could install on your jailborken iPhone, iPad or iPod. These tweaks will also support ios 7 and ios 8 and all compatible jailbroken devices.

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→ List Of Best Cydia Tweaks For iOS 8/9/10

Byta Font 2

Type : Free , Repo : ModMyi

BytaFont is no doubt a great beautification tweak that you can use to Beautify your iDevice. What bytafont does that it replaces your original text type with a cusom text giving you beautifull and amazing text/writing style .It will change your font every where, e.g in settings, apps, facebook, typing, keyboard. You can choose from a different vast list of font styles on Bytafont 2. Its a great free best cydia tweaks for ios 8.

Go to BytaFont 2 app, Touch on  ,install the font you prefer to use from the list of fonts.
Then you’ll have to Respring your device in order for the new font to take effect.

Message Customiser

By Charlie Hewitt , Free Tweak

As the name says, message customiser is a great tweak that you can get free of cost from cydia. What this tweak does is that it Customizes all the settings, things of your messages. You can change your messages colours, keyboards, name colours, display photo along with messages and many more. I have been using this tweak for over two months now its very usefull and great. Gives me power over my own messages like android. Its a really great free best cydia tweaks for ios 8.

Go to settings, Tap on Message Customiser and from there configure your messages and cusomize them as you see fit.


Type : Free , Repo : BigBoss

Cylinder is a great free tweak to customize the scrolling through of your homescreen.It changes the way you scroll i.e it adds custom animation to your homescreen scrolling. You can set a cubic scroll or a page scroll or even random scrolls. Whats great is that there are more than 20 scroll transitions and you can choose two , three, or even all or select all at random.

Just go to Settings after install, scroll down and go to Cylinder , go to Effects List and enable or disable effects as you see fit.


Type : Free , Repo : BigBoss

Its recently updated for ios 8 and is 100% working on ios 8. Remember when you had an android phone and you used to download speed up or performance booster and stuff to speed up your android device. This tweak does the same. iCleaner , just like android phones will clear up your unnecessary files and clears up diskspace. Dont worry , it will  not delete anything important, just useless junk, cache file, cookies , unused data thats just swallowing your diskspace on your iphone.


A great tweak which is completely free . F.lus is a best free cydia tweaks for ios 8 that will save your eyesight by automatically disabling and enabling brightness night and day mode. Usually the white brightness at night time may hurt your eyes. This tweak can change your phone’s colour.It has much more subtlety than the brightness adjuster given in iOS 8 as default.Perfect tweak for users who like to read a lot of ebooks, browsing, watch movies etc.


Type : Free , Repo : BigBoss

If your not a fan of ios 8 slow animations or are recently coming from ios 6 then this is the perfect tweak for you. No Slow Animations will speed up your app opening and closing animation . Remember that it will only accelerate the graphics and animations only , not the app itself.This tweak gives the user an illusion of faster performance on your ios Device. I installed it on ios 7 when i was sick of slow animations, but now on ios 8 im trying to get used to it.

Settings -> NoSlowAnimations -> Speed, and then there is an option to switch between Faster and Slower Animations.


This is a free tweak for thos users who love the android infinite scroll. Normally on ios your homescreen page scroll will stop where your apps end. But using this usefull mobius free cydia tweak you can now activate infinite scroll.After your last screen it will take you to the first one. Just like android. Its a great free cydia tweak.


Type : Free , Repo : BigBoss

I dont know why this wasnt the firs tweak in  my list . The truth is that most of the people only jailbreak and install cydia because of this customization tweak. Winterboard is a great free musthave cydia tweak that will theme your iphone,ipod,ipad and make it beautifull. Thousands of themes are available on cydia for winterboard. You’ve probably heard much about winterboard. If you want some good winterboard themes for your ios 7/ios 8 then check out the best themes for winterboard.

Install a winterboard theme from cydia, goto settings —> winterboard —> select your downloaded theme —> Respring and your device will boot up with a new custom theme.

SwipeSelection Pro

Its a great free tweak for typers. What this cydia free tweak does is that it gives you the abitlity to just swipe on the keyboard and move the blinking line on your typed text. Instead of holding and moving the line with your finger to delete a specific letter just swipe on the keyboard and you’re done. This tweak will automatically start working once it is installed on your iphone from cydia. Supports all types of iDevices and ios 7 and ios 8 and their sub versions.

So these were some of the free best cydia tweaks for ios 8 and ios 8.1 that you must try and take a look into. If we missed something or you’re having trouble installing something just let me know in the comment section and i’ll be happy to help.

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