Transfer Data from iPhone 6/7 to iPhone X

We have all the methods available for you to learn how to transfer all your data from your iPhone 6/7 to your new iPhone 

Getting the new iPhone X is as exciting as it is, but after getting the feel of your beautiful new idevice in your hands you will need to shift all your old photos and data from your older iPhone to the new iPhone X.

Transferring your data to iPhone X is quite a simple process. There are two straightforward methods:

  • iTunes and
  • iCloud

To figure out how to shift all your data to its new home, read ahead from the provided complete guide:

Before moving on make sure:

  • If you use an Apple watch, don’t forget to unpair it from your iPhone 6/7 before you start setting up your iPhone X
  • Once you unpair your smartwatch from the previous idevice, the Apple watch will automatically be backed up and that way you can easily restore it once you pair it with iPhone X


Method 1:

Using iCloud to transfer the data from iPhone 6/7 to iPhone X:


It is very essential to keep the latest backup of your iPhone 6/7 for safekeeping of all your data incase anything happens. Keep a latest backup before moving on to the next step.

Step # 1:

Connect your iPhone 6/7 that you want to transfer data from to the internet / WiFi and open settings.

[your name] – iCloud – iCloud backup.

And if your iPhone 6/7 is running on iOS 10.2 or an even earlier version, go to:

Settings – iCloud – Backup

Step # 2:

Turn on the iCloud Backup


Step # 3:

Tap on Backup Now. Let this process of backing up complete.

Transferring iCloud Backup to iPhone X:

Note: Insert a compatible SIM card to your new iOS device before you follow the next steps of the process.

Step # 1:

Turn on your shiny new iPhone X. The welcome screen will show up first displaying a “Hello”

If you have already set up your new device, erase the set up that you have done to successfully complete this process. To erase it go to Settings – General – Reset – Erase all content and settings.

Step # 2:

Once youre on the welcome screen, follow the steps until the WiFi screen shows up

Step # 3:

Connect to a WiFi network and follow the steps until you see the Apps and Data screen

Next, tap on the Restore from iCloud Backup – Next

Step # 4:

Sign in to your iCloud account with your Apple ID and password. When asked, select the backup that you want in your iPhone X. You can make sure it’s the backup you want by checking the date and time of your backup before choosing one.

Once you’ve decided which one you’re going to be transferring into your iPhone X, let the process proceed to completion without any interruption. Keep your iPhone X connected to the WiFi and plugged into power after set up.

This helps all your photos, music and applications installed stored in the iCloud get automatically downloaded back to your device.

Method 2

Using iTunes to transfer data from iPhone 6/7 to iPhone X:


Making an iTunes back up for iPhone 6/7:

Step # 1:

Connect your iPhone 6/7 to your computer and launch iTunes

Step # 2:

Select your device

Step # 3:

To save the Health and Activity data from your iPhone 6/7 you will have to encrypt your backup. Select the box called “Encrypt (device) Backup” and make a password that you can easily remember later.

Step # 4:

You will need to write this password down because it will be used to recover your iTunes backups.

Step # 5:

If you do not want to save your Health and Activity dat, you can choose the option called Backup Now

Step # 6:

Make sure you check that the back up is successful. Now click on iTunes menu – Preferences – Devices. Check out your device name and the date and time when iTunes created the backup

Transferring iTunes Backup to iPhone X:

Insert a compatible SIM card before proceeding with this process:

Step # 1:

Turn on your new iPhone X

Step # 2:

Follow the steps to set up your device. Once on the Apps and Data screen, tap on the Restore from iTunes Backup

Step # 3:

Connect iPhone X to your computer which you used to back up your iPhone 6/7 and launch iTunes.

Step # 4:

Select your device

Step # 5:

Click on Restore Backup and select the backup. When prompted enter your password. The restoring process will start now, let it complete.

You have successfully transferred your data from your iPhone 6/7 to iPhone X! Good luck.

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