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6 Easy Steps to Install TUTUAPP on iOS 11/12 Without Jailbreak

If you’ve updated your iphone or ipad to the latest ios 11. Then you can install tutuapp ios 11 / 12 for free on your ios device. It’s just a matter of simple steps.

Remember, there are a lot of methods on the internet which will guide you. But most of them will just leave a bookmark of the tutuapp website on your homepage. Which probably does nothing. And is a waste of time.

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Well, i was playing with this installation and finally i managed to install correctly .Tutuapp works perfectly now on ios 11 ,12 without any issues, problems or money.

MovieBox and ShowBox which are the most commonly well known movies streaming apps on iphone and ipad.They can now be downloaded successfully on ios 11,12 using tutuapp. For a long time, this application was only available for jailbroken ios devices. Since it was developed by a chinese guy, it was not having that much resources and popularity back in the past. But now, tutuapp cracked app store for ios has become one of the largest present installous,appcake alternative .

So lets cut the crap and talk about how to install tutu-app on iOS-11 or iOS 12 on your smartphone.

Requirements & iNFO:

  • Non-Jailbroken iPhone or iPad
  • An internet connection
  • iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12 or later

The tutuapp ios 11,12 app installation does not require a PC. Since this is an unoficial app .It is signed previously. So at any time it may cause problems or you may experience issues. To fix this, just simply uninstall the license and app and reinstall again.

Download Link


Open this article from your iphone or ipad. And simply click on the above link. It will take you the official website from where you may follow the following steps given below. Remember this is not an official appstore like apple, and many of the apps may or may not work.

Installing Free TUTU-APP on iOS 11/12-No Jailbreak/Cydia

This is the step by step method with pictures to help you through the process.

Step 1.

Go to On your iOS11/12 device.Download tutapp on ios 11 no jailbreak


Step 2.

Now once the site is loaded, on the top side of the screen. Tap on Regular. Dont download the VIP version as it is not free and will cost you.

Step 3.

Now another page will open, pretty much the same like the above one. Here tap on download to download the free version of tutu-app.



Step 4.

Now it will start downloading on your homescreen. While on the site. Tap on Click to Immediate ,another pop-up will appear. Tap on allow.

Step 5.

Wait for the download to finish. Once it has finished.
Go to Settings–>General–>Profiles–>Xiaomi xxx xxx xxx–>trust xxxxxx. Now tap on verify.fix tutuapp not working ios 10 11
This is the most important step, as the app will not work untill you do not verify the tutuapp on your ios 11 or iOS 12.

Step 6.

Now go to homescreen. Open the application and check if its working or not. tutuapp not working ios 11 fixed,solved

Hopefully your tutuapp ios 11 and 12 will start without any problems.

Congratulations, in 6 easy simple steps you have downloaded and installed tutuapp ios 11/12 without any problems on your iphone or ipad. Now you can enjoy free apps,games and much more.

Tutuapp iOS 11/12 Not Working (FIX)

There are a lot of users, who are getting this problem. As i mentioned in the start. It may be because that the signature of the application has become old. It will cause tutuapp ios 11/12 to crash, not properly install apps/games or other unstable issues.

So to fix this, just simply uninstall and delete the profile. Install a fresh one .New one using the same method mentioned above. And this will fix the issues.

That is all for today. If you have any more problems. Be sure to leave them in the comments section.

Is the moviebox working. Do let me know.

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