How To Unlock iPhone 6 Country Code For Free

Sometimes country codes on mobiles help us but sometimes it causes many problems for us. If you send your to any of your family member and friend and then mobile before starting or working ask for a country code and unlucky you don’t know the country code or you forget the country code than it creates many problem for you and you are not able to use your mobile. so today i try to tell my readers about how to unlock iphone 6 country code and iphone plus country code. its not very difficult to know how to unlock iphone 6 country only you have to follow the following few simple steps and at the end you feel happy after geting your iphone 6 free from country code.

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How To Unlock iPhone 6 Country Code For Free

Follow this easy guide and you will be able to successfully unlock the iPhone country code for free.

Step 1:

first of all you need to visit this address  iOS device unlock official site > Unlock Now

choose the model of your mobile for which you are going to unlock the country code

Step 2:

now its time to enter your valid 15 digits IMEI number. If you have iphone 6 or iphone 6 plus than see the back side of your mobile because there IMEI number are given over there/ printed over there

If the IMEI number is not printed on the mobile than Go To the setting>General>About. or simply dial *#06#

If you give wrong IMEI number than message will be displayed on your mobile that its wrong IMEI number than click ok button and try to focus on your mobile and type correct IMEI NUMBER

After entering the IMEI number wait for a while and then follow the 3rd step.

Step 3:

verify your payable amount and line career

you will see the buy now option there simply tap on it, for further details about iphone 6 you have to enter your email address so  on the next screen enter your email address.

check your payout amount, you can make payment by using credit card or debit card.

Select your card type and and make payment to unlock your iphone 6 or iphone 6 plus.

After following are the process you get a confirmation mail on your email address which was provided  by you. If there is any fault during the process of unlocking the country code then your payment is refunded so dont take tension of losing of amount and follow these steps and make your iphone 6 and other mobiles from country code.

if you have any problem during the process simply comment below.

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