How To Install vShare iOS 11 Without Jailbreak – New Method

vShare ios 11 is a great cydia alternative. What is cydia for, it is for getting those tweaks and apps which are not freely or openly available from iTunes or apple’s app store. This is the purpose of vShare. For android , there is a lot of free applications available outside the Play store. But for apple iphone, ios 10 and ios 11. vShare is the best option for you to get many apps for free and install them without jailbreak.

As many of you know about cydia, vShare ios 11, is a totally different concept from it. You caninstall vshare ios 8, ios 9, ios 11 without jailbreak easily. Basically it is a free appstore alternative for apple ios. From Which you can get all the apps for free and those apps and games which are not available on your iDevice officially. It is very easy to install them.

vShare is the best installous alternative and appcake alternative and cydia alternative. You can get vShare for ios 11,ios 9 for free using these simpe steps.

Now previously, I’ve posted some tutorials to download vshare and they were working perfectly till vShare change the site and download button disappeared. Now it is a totally different method now. I’m sorry for taking such a long time for this tutorial.

So without talking any further here is the method to download and install vShare without Jailbreak on ios 11.vshare ios 10 without jailbreak

You Need To know about vShare ios 11 :

Here are some things you need to know before installing vshare ios 11 on your iPhone 5,5s,6,6s,6+ without Jailbreak or cydia.

  • You Dont need Jailbreak or cydia.
  • Supported on all apple devices.
  • You need a Windows PC for installing vshare.Since it is the new method.
  • Moviebox app is available for your ios 11 using vshare without jailbreak.

Download and Install vShare ios 11,ios 10 without Jailbreak or Cydia


[sociallocker]So follow these steps. Get ready . Here is a short step by step guide with Pictures.

  1. Open google chrome or any Browser on your laptop or PC having windows operating system.
  2. Now go to http:// or click this link.vshare installer
  3. Now Click on Download button to start Downloading vShare ios 11 installer.vshare download
  4. Now it will start downloading vshare installer on your PC. The installer is about 54 mb. So let it complete. This is the most important step of all.
  5. Once the Download is Complete. Go the folder where you downloaded vshare installer and Open vshare SE install without jailbreak
  6. Now Open it and, it will open an installer. Select One Key Installation.install vshare no jailbreak 2016
  7. Let the install to finish. This will install vShare ios 11 program on your pc which will later on make it install on your iphone,ipad or iPod.
  8. Now once finished . Open it. vshare
  9. Now once the program is Opened. It will be something like this
  10. Connect your iPhone, iPad , ipod to install vshare ios 11, ios 10 or ios 9 without any need for cydia or jailbreak.
  11. Now after connecting, it will authorize your apps. Let it do what it does.
  12. Now after completion. Check your iphone. It may already have installed vShare ios 11 SE on it. It Not. Then continue these steps.
  13. While keeping Your device connected, click on install Vshare button on the vShare helper.Untitled
  14. Now vShare ios 11 will start downloading and installing on your iphone,ipad or ipod without cydia or need for jailbreak.
  15. After installation. Goto your home screen on your iphone, and check the vShare SE app. It will be there.vshare ios 10 without jailbreak new method

TADAAAAAA !!!!!! You have successfully installed vshare without jailbreak on your ios 11, ios 10 device (2018) using the new method. You can enjoy downloading and playing new games and apps.

Here is another vShare for iOS 11 installation guide.


More vShare SE Features

vShare SE comes with a lot of cool new features for ios 11 and ios 10. With it you get a cool itunes like software vshare helper which you can use to manage things on your iDevice from your pc. Ofcourse you can install apps and games from app but now you can download and install games and apps from the PC yourself. Just open vShare helper. Connect your Device and boom. Go with the flow.


  • Thanks!

  • Not work with ios 10 !!

  • Not working with ios 10, i can download vshare to my iphone 7 following steps above but i cannot download anything from vshare app… i get “time out”

  • Will not work with iOS 9.3.5.

    HelpI am a newbie so please be gentle

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