How To Install & Download vShare iOS 9 Without Jailbreak-(2016)

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How To Install vShare iOS 10 Without Jailbreak – New Method

Vshare iOS 9 is best, good and one of the easiest and simplest way to get all those apps for free easily which are paid on Apples’s App store. You can install vShare on iOS 9 in iPhone or iPad without jailbreak and get all the apps for free easily. The most amazing thing about vShare is that you don’t even need to do all that jailbreaking stuff. Yes, you can install and download vShare iOS 9 without jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad. Today I will show you how you can install vShare on your iPhone or iPad running on iOS 9 without jailbreaking it. vShare now works with iOS 9 too with its recent update for iOS 9.

vShare is the best alternative of installaous, appcake and cydia etc or we can say that it is better than all of them. vShare is basically an appstore that has all the iPhone apps and games for free. You can get the paid apps for free on vShare. When you open vShare it opens up a custom vShare appstore that has all the apps for free including paid ones. You can install vShare iOS 9 on your iPhone or iPad without jailbreak. Just  follow the procedure below to install and download vShare iOS 9 without jailbreak on your iPhone/iPad.

vShare iOS9

vShare for iOS 9 No Jailbreak

Installing Paid Apps for free is a very difficult task but with vShare it is as simple as cake (hahaa). Now you don’t need to jailbreak your idevice for getting free apps. vShare iOS 9 is here for us. We can always download any paid app for free from vShare on iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking it. So, enough of the talk guys now coming to the real topic, let’s start the procedure to install vShare iOS 9 without Jailbreak on iPhone/iPad.

Steps to install vShare iOS 9 without Jailbreak

Below are the steps to download and install vShare on iPhone/iPad running on iOS 9 without Jailbreak. Follow all the steps below to install vShare on iOS 9 without jailbreak.

  • First of all unlock your iPhone and open the Safari Browser.
  • Now in the safari, type the URL address and go or open this link.
  • After going to the above address vShare’s official site will open. There will be two options there below to download the vShare app.
  • Tap on the option Download (Unjailbroken) to download vShare iOS 9 without jailbreak on your idevice.

IMG_0254 (1)

  • After tapping on the download option, your device will show prompt screen showing a message “ would like to install vShare”. Tap on the install option.

IMG_0255 (1)

  • Now go to your homescreen, you will see that the vShare is installing and downloading. Wait till it installs completely.
  • When vShare is installed. Open the vShare iOS 9 app on your idevice. You will see a warning “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” on the screen after opening . There will be a message written in that warning. Read the message and remember the name after “iPhone Disttibution:” in the first line of that message.
  • Now cancel that warning message and head over to Settings>>General and open the profiles. Search for the profile with the name that was written in the warning message after iPhone Distribution word in first line.
  • When you find that profile. Tap on that profile to trust. Tap again on that profile with trust written at the beginning.
  • After doing all the above steps you are good to go. Go to the apps menu and Open vShare. You can download any app you want for free whether it is paid on Apple Appstore.

So guys this was our tutorial to install vShare iOS 9 without jailbreak on iPhone or iPad, Hope you like it. Now you can search for your favorite app on vShare and download it for free. You don’t to need to worry about any paid apps now because they are all free on vShare appstore. If you have any problems installing vShare then comment below.

Problem Installing vShare

If you encounter any problem downloading and installing vShare then you can do the following methods.

  1. If you get an error “Unable to Download vShare” then try downloading vShare after some time or any other time. This issue is probably caused when their site is busy.
  2. If you get any other error while installing or downloading vShare then press the home button. Double press the home button and close all the background running applications. Now restart your iPhone and do the process again.

I hope you guys have successfully installed vShare iOS 9 on your phone now. Any problem can be discussed in the comments section below. Please share this guide to install vShare.

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