What is AppSync And Why Do I Need AppSync

You might be wondering What is Appsync, What does Appsync do And Why Do i Need Appsync?.I am going to clear all of these questions and will help you get a clear more suitable understanding about app sync. 

You know that in order to install cracked or free apps on your iPhone or your iPad, you have to jailbreak and install those third party cracked app stores. These appstores help you get your free app which is paid on the Official Apple Appstore. But most of the users, after installing are still not able to run those free jailbreak apps and games.

Either those cracked apps dont install on iPhone,iPad via free jailbreak app stores like appcake,zeusmos,vshare or after installing , they get a dark icon and when they click on that app icon.It does nothing. Well this is where Appsync comes in. Below im going to discuss three important factors about appsync.

1. What is AppSync

what is appsync

Appsync is a type of Root Like Software for iOS,iPhone,iPad which gives the ios cracked,free applications from cydia super user access to get installed and sign them without apple to install and use these apps and games on your iphone.

Confused ?. Just remember appsync as a superhero , who removes the barriers and lets your jailbreak,cracked apps and games run free in the world of ios. By default apple is very strict. Apple blocks those apps which have not been officially signed,meaning which are not in the apple appstore. These apps will not run on your iphone. But gladly, Using app sync. You can run those third party applications and games smoothly.Now do you know what is AppSync ?

2. What Does AppSync Do

As i described earlier. Appsync enables installations of cracked games and applications for your ios Device.So that any thing which is not from apple is successfully installed and run on iOS.

Knowing what is appsync is not enough. You have to know what it does for your iDevice.You might have heard about rooting an android. Rooting gives super user core permissions to certain apps. Well this is like that. AppSync gives access to cracked downloadables to get or be able to get installed without any problems on an iDevice and be able to run without creating any problems.

3. Why Do i Need AppSync

You know what is appsync and now you must know why do you need it.One cannot imagine a jailbreak life without the use of App Sync. Many users say that what if i dont install it. I can still run cydia and cydia tweaks on my iphone completely problems free. That is not the case. Cydia tweaks will run without the use of App Sync but the things that will not install and run are ipa’s from third party cracked app stores like Zeusmos , AppCake, Vshare and Installous. After you have downloaded an application iPA from these stores, you will need to install them. In installation they will give an error that ,cannot install ipa. And will fail.

This is recovered by installing AppSync for ios 7, ios 8 , ios 7 . Whichever ios you are on.So this is why you need it. To enjoy the fruits of Jailbreak and Cydia.

How To Get AppSync

what is appsync. Download appsync fro ios 8

Getting appsync is pretty easy. Since majority of the people are on ios 7 and ios 8 now. Im going to tell you how to easily install app sync on ios 7 and ios 8.

Just go to cydia. Go to the search bar and type in Appsync for (your ios version) or just type only app sync. Now you need to install the version which is most suited by your ios version as per the ios requirements. Appsync is completely free and won’t cost a dime.
Im sure now you will get a clear picture of what is appsync and why do you need it.

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